We have access to specialist products for Public Houses, Brewery’s, Wine Bars, Inn’s, Guest Houses, Hotels and other associated trades. The policies are designed around your industry and tailored to your needs.

Why come to us for this type of Insurance? Why are we different to other providers?

  • As part of our research we have had several site meetings with Brewery proprietors to help us gain a better understanding of the industry processes, areas of concern and specific needs with Brewery owners.
  •  We will always try and do Site Visits where possible as building relationships is important to us. The personal service we are able to offer ensures that you are receiving advice on your own specific needs and requirements. You will then have all the information you need to calculate your Sums Insured and choose the policy covers suitable for you and your Business. During the visit we would  discuss Sums Insured and Policy Covers, in particular we would look at your Business Interruption exposures; for example you may have bespoke plant and equipment specifically made for your own company. In the event of a loss this equipment will need to be re manufactured to your specific requirements and could cause massive disruption to your Business and impact your productivity. It is so important understanding your Sums Insured and Business Interruption figures, under insurance could leave businesses unable to trade, so this is something we spend a lot of time understanding and providing you with advice. This is where we feel we can add value.
  • We are also working with a Health & Safety company who are local to us. We can put you in touch with them in order to build a programme to asses all your Health & Safety requirements (if this would be appropriate and would benefit your company)
  • We have an in house claims department who will deal with your claim from start to finish in a professional manner. We advise and guide you in the unfortunate time you may have to make a claim.
  • We would like to think we could be your ‘one stop shop’ for all your requirements, whether that be your business, your fleet of vehicles, any associated businesses, management liability for Directors, your home, car, travel insurance – we do it all!
  • We have over 50+ years of experience and you will be dealing with a professional, friendly team who really do want to help